Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Last Week cartoons

I was so busy drawing last week that I forgot to post cartoons here on the blog. Here are the cartoons I did last week.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Beer Tax Cartoon

This is my most recent cartoon calling for an increase in the beer tax in Wisconsin. I originally had the Tavern League bartender saying both of the gag lines, but my editor thought it was a little too extreme to attribute a line encouraging drunken driving to the Tavern League. I'm not entirely sure I agree with him, but the cartoon is still good and makes a strong point.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

State Lawmakers are old and Making fewer laws.

This story in the Wisconsin State Journal caught my eye this morning. The Wisconsin Policy Research Institute, a conservative think tank, published a report finding that lawmakers are getting older, staying elected longer, and authoring fewer bills.

I'm not crazy about lawmakers getting old and comfortable in their cushy government jobs, but there isn't anything inherently wrong with them writing fewer bills, and I'm surprised that the conservative think tank didn't point that out.

When it comes to legislation, quality is more important that quantity, and often the best policy is the legislation that doesn't get written.

As for how this translates into an editorial cartoon, damned if I know.

Obama's Nobel

Here is my Obama Nobel Peace Prize cartoon. It's not the best cartoon I've ever drawn but I had fun drawing it, and the cartoon has a different message from many of the Obama/Nobel cartoons I seen on the various blogs and list-serves.

Out of town update

I was out of town visiting my in-laws earlier this week and didn't get a chance to post the cartoons I drew while I was gone.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Packers vs. Vikings Monday

The Packers head to the Metrodome tonight to take on the hated Vikings and Brett Favre. Some families in Wisconsin are being torn between loyalty to Favre and loyalty to the packers. Here is the cartoon I did for the Sunday opinion page:

And here is the illustration I did for Monday's front page.

Deer Collisions

I didn't know we killed so many deer in Wisconsin...accidentally.