Friday, November 9, 2007


Here is the Editorial Cartoon from today's State Journal.

Over the last several months there has been quite the hoopla over this new cable legislation in Wisconsin. The bill would allow different companies to provide service to customers in municipalities. Currently cable companies have exclusive contracts in a municipality. Basically if you don't like your provider, too bad.

It's a good bill, except I'm a little wary about how much money the telecommunication giant AT&T has spent lobbying for it.

But in all likelihood, the bill will have very little effect. I personally don't have cable. I get my TV fix from network television and the Internet, and I wonder how many more young folks like me do the same. In essence this bill is like regulating the telegraph in the 1940's, or vinyl record production in the mid 1980's. Cable TV is dying technology, at least that's what the cartoon implies.

On to the actual cartoon itself. This was a fun one to draw. I've been trying to be looser and more fluid with my brush work and I think that shows in the Cartoon. I think the composition is also pretty interesting for a cartoon that is in essence two talking heads.

The headline on the newspaper is a technique I don't like using, but especially when drawing local cartoons I think I have to use it to provide context.