Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cartoons from the weekend

Here is my weekend update of editorial cartoons. It's kind of strange but I didn't do a memorial day cartoon this year. I'm not sure why, I guess I figured there would be be enough of them around this week anyway.

Instead we have cartoon on development practices in Tampa.
The governor's opposition to a new and improved beer tax. Which seems like a no-brainer to me considering how minuscule our current beer tax is, and how expensive the excessive consumption of beer is for our state' s legal system (i.e. prison, jails, cops and prosecuters who deal with drunks and drunken driving).

And good ol' Brett Favre and the festival celebrating my favorite grilled sausage.
One additional note on the beer tax. From my understanding the tax is based on the volume of the beer rather than on the cost of the beer. This means that if the beer tax increase is 8 bucks a barrel, a $100 barrel of Natural Light would be $108 and experience and 8% increase in price, while a $200 barrel of Capital Brewery's Island Wheat would be $208 and experience a 4% increase in price.

At first this seems a little regressive, but I think it's good considering that more people are likely to rapidly pound cheap beer. It's this binging that then becomes an expensive problem for the legal system, and it should be taxed accordingly.

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