Thursday, June 18, 2009

Republicans and Iran

I just read another column by a conservative condemning Obama for not adamantly supporting the protesters in Iran. I've now come to the conclusion that conservatives advocating U.S. involvement in Iran are either monumentally stupid or want this revolution for liberty and reform to fail.

I'm certain that Amadinejad is praying to allah that he can spin this revolution as the evil American empire trying to overthrow his just and pious Islamic Democracy. The last thing Obama needs to do is give him that opportunity.

Sometimes doing the right thing is doing nothing at all.


Thleen said...
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Thleen said...

Well said Mr. Phil.

Anonymous said...

Then you are merely partisan and confused.

As you know Congress rebuked Obama and the Mulahs are threatening to unleash the military on the people. Not in that order, but none of it had to do with what the U.S. thinks.