Monday, August 20, 2012

Right-Wing Rock Stars

I rarely laugh at one of my own cartoons, but I can't look at this without chuckling. My favorite detail is the way Scott Walker is twirling the drumstick between his fingers.
This cartoon is a good example of why I love editorial cartoons so much. Unlike animated cartoons or film, this cartoon requires the reader to use just the slightest bit of imagination to make the gag work. I think everyone of us will image Mitt Romney in his dorkiest voice saying "We sound great together." I don't think I could find an actor to deliver that line as perfectly as the reader will deliver it to themselves.
That's the beauty of comics. They guide us to the gag, but we have to put it all together and engage with the art for it to really work. No other form of popular entertainment requires so much cooperation between author and audience. The jokes are rewarding because you have to work for them.
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