Tuesday, August 26, 2008


In an attempt to utilize this blog to its fullest potential, I'm to try to post early and often during this convention season.

I read a great story about the turnout of black delegates at the Democratic convention this year, in the Tampa Tribune this morning. According to the story about a quarter of the total delegates in Denver are black. That's huge considering that, I think, less than an eighth of the total population of this country is black. Several delegates interviewed for the story remembered the Civil Rights struggle of the 1960s and and professes joy and disbelief that they lived to see a black man nominated by a major political party.

But the last quote in the story had me scratching my head. Cedric McMinn of Miami explained that if Obama lost, it would set back African-Americans for decades. According to McMinn, Obama "has the right running mate, the right financial support, the right political situation. The only way he'll lose is a swell of racist attitudes in the country."

This led to sketch out this editorial cartoon idea:

This cartoon is not autobiographical, (I'm not either character in it), but it does pose a personal dilemma for me. If I did agree with McCain (i'm not sure I do) do I have the strength of conviction to truly be color-blind and vote against the man who could become the first African-American President.

Luckily, John McCain has been pushing me away by courting religious nuts, but there's still a ways to go to November.

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