Friday, September 5, 2008


As much as I would love to see a real third party break the stranglehold that the Democrats and the Republicans have on national politics, the Liberatarian party just scares me. I agree with almost all of their principles (with the notable exceptions of their stance on immigration and their opposition to global trade), but why does this party have to attract all these wackos.

Here is the cartoon:

This is especially strange because, since the Republican party was taken over by the moral majority, there are alot of folks like me who like the idea of small government, lower taxes and the american spirit of entrepenuership, but can't stand the social conservatives and their "values." These folks, I like to call them "old school" or "real" Republicans, should be ripe pickens for Libertarians. But instead of courting these moderate voters Libertarians are more concerned with legalizing pot and warning everyone about chips being implanted in your brain at birth. Oh well.

Also here is the cartoon from yesterday's State Journal.


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I P Freely said...

"Opposition to global trade"?

If it's free trade without restrictions, it is supported by the Libertarian Party. This is the case with global trade.

Shakaama said...

Well I'm no wacko, read my blog for the political posts and you'll see, I'm Libertarian... and yet... noRmAl O_o

Yeah, when i go to meetings I ask why they support this and that, and the speaker usually doesn't know what he's talking about *sigh* They even suggested I run. Hmmm a Black Libertarian? I mean come on, we wanna win right? lol