Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Here is my latest attack on Bishop Morlino.

The cartoon refers to an openly gay music director who was fired from the catholic church where he worked and worshiped. Some folks think I should blame the the priest who hired the music director (he knew he was openly gay at the time) and then fired him. But the priest only fired the director after a minute group of small-minded parishioners complained to the archdiocese. It seemed pretty clear to me that the priest had little choice in the matter the and the orders came from a higher power (the bishop not god, but I think the bishop confuses the two sometimes).

I must say I was rather disappointed that I received so few complaints about this cartoon.


Ben Yanke said...

Your cartoon and comentary is absolutely redicilous. It was the bishop's duty to fire this Man.

If you were a CEO, would you keep someone on staff who openly disagrees with your company? This is exactly the same situation. If someone is unwilling to live by the church's standards, they are certanly not fit to work at a parish.

Phil Hands said...

Thanks for commenting on a cartoon that is several years old. To respond, the catholic church is not a regular company. It supposed to a conduit to a merciful and compassionate god. Your average company doesn't have that moral responsibility, and shouldn't be held to the same standards.

Ben Yanke said...

You're right, it should not be held to the same standards, because as you say, the church is much more than a company. But why would we want church church staff that are living openly against the teaching of the church? They will only hurt the church.