Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Igor, a 130 lb. bull Mastiff, was sentenced to death earlier this week. He has attacked two dogs in separate incidents, killing one of the them, and has attacked two people in the last couple of years.

Many have to come to his defense claiming that the Judge was unfair in his sentencing, or that the dog is being punished for the sins of the owner.

First of all, how great is this society that we live in, that a dog who mauls another dog to death gets his day in court before a judge and is not shot on the spot. This is a sign of how compassionate to all creatures, even the most brutal, our society has become.

Second, despite the sins of his owner Greg Lohrke, (and he seems like a ridiculously unfit owner for such a large dog), Igor is nontheless still dangerous, and a threat to small dogs and innocent passersby.

There are thousands of Dogs in hundreds of shelters across Wisconsin who deserved to be saved from euthanasia, Igor is not one them.

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