Friday, December 5, 2008

Monkey-ing around

For some reason both of the cartoons I drew last night prominently present primates, even though the cartoons will run on opposite sides of the country.

Here are the 'toons.
This cartoon for the Wisconsin State Journal deals with the 911 center's inability to explain how they botched a call from girl who was reported screaming on the phone, and was found dead about 1 hour later. 911 did not dispatch police to the scene, and have been hesitant to admit any wrong doing.
This cartoon deals with Mel Martinez's coveted U.S. Senate Seat. Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush is considering running for the seat and would easily win the Republican nomination if he chose to run. Ironically, part of the reason Senator Martinez is retiring, is because he was too closely linked the George W. Bush administration, and that made him unpopular. But in Florida, President Bush's little brother Jeb is stil surprisingly popular.

I think I need more practice drawing monkeys but these cartoons turned out OK.

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