Friday, December 12, 2008

Here is my most recent editorial cartoon for the Wisconsin State Journal.

This was supposed to be a quick swipe at the Yankees for stealing the Brewer's star pitcher, and it turned into a multi-day fiasco, of back and forth squabbling with my editor over the drawing of the cartoon. In the end this turned out OK, but it was a serious pain in the butt.

Here are some of the earlier incarnations.
This was what I originally sent my editor. He thought it wasn't quite clear enough and too hard to read (he was right). So I had rework the Grinch and C.C. Sabathia in about 30 minutes. Which led to this:After I was happy with the new drawing I added color and some little details (like this Homer sweet homer sign) which I thought added to the atmosphere of the cartoon, but some folks at the paper thought it was distracting, so that had to go as well. And of course I had to make many of these changes in both the black and white and color versions of the cartoon. I guess I have to learn to keep it simple stupid.

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