Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's cold here, but the lawmakers in Florida are still the stupid ones.

When my two-month-old woke me this morning, I decided to be immediately productive. Before I had even had a sip the sweet caffeinated elixir that is paramount to my morning ritual, I decided to take part in that most treasured of Wintry Wisconsin traditions: I shoveled.

I got the sidewalk out front clear, the walkway to the front door brushed aside, and part of the driveway shoveled, before the elements drove me inside, and then inspired with this editorial cartoon.

I like combining two topic of interest the way this cartoon does it. The bitter cold reminded me of how bitter I was starting to feel toward our legislators. (lucky for them I don't cling to any guns).

The economy is hurting, everybody is cutting back. A friend of mine was just told he was lucky; his company was only cutting salaries 5% across the board, and not laying anybody off. The state budget is faced with a $5.4 billion shortfall. And yet, state makers are getting a raise. And while a few noble ones are returning the raise the the state treasury, and several more are donating their raise to charity, most are quietly stuffing the extra cash in their pockets.

But there are some who are not only taking a pay raise, but have the audacity to say they actually deserve the raise.

Deserve it!!!! For what?!!! They say they have saved us money by not hiring as much staff as they could, or by cutting office expenditures, but let's be serious people. These irresponsible, "spend-now, pay-later" lawmakers a put the state in a financial mess. If anything they should be taking a pay cut for royally #%*@ing up the state budget.

But do you know what really gets me mad? No matter how incompetent or arrogant these lawmakers are, most of them will run unopposed and get reelected in two years.

And speaking of stupid state lawmakers. The idiots who run state government in Florida are making drastic cuts to the public education system, but won't even consider raising the cigarette tax, which is currently one of the lowest in the nation.


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Anonymous said...

Maybe you've lost your touch. Why don't you get a respectable job like a Fire Fighter so you can actually help society instead of printing your garbage.

Anonymous said...

Why are you making fun of the firefighters they are good people? Who do you call when you need help?