Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snowmobile Tragedy

Snowmobilers have been mutilating animals in Northern Wisconsin, which led to this editorial cartoon.
These act of animal cruelty were especially hard to stomach as my wife and I watched our cat die this week. We put her to sleep on Saturday morning, the same day this editorial cartoon ran. Sparky was old, and quite ill with kidney failure, but it was still hard to see her go. She was a part of the family. She's been a part of my life for over a decade, and my wife witnessed her birth under a porch 18 years ago. I'm sure our mood will improve with time, but the loss is still pretty fresh. I still watch my feet when I'm carrying my son Owen around, to make sure Sparky isn't trying to trip me up. In our bedroom I double-take, and I realized that a balled up pair of pants are just some Levi's and not our precious Sparky snuggled up for an afternoon nap on my side of the bed.

We will miss you Sparky,
Rest in Peace.


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Anonymous said...

Maybe you've lost your touch. Why don't you get a respectable job like a Fire Fighter so you can actually help society instead of printing your garbage.

Anonymous said...

Sorry snowmobilers gave your cat liver disease.