Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Weekend toons

Here are two editorial cartoons from the weekend that ran in the Wisconsin State Journal. The first is sort of a cheap gag, poking fun at the recent news that the government covered up data suggesting that distracted driving was a bad a drunken driving.

The second cartoon is a pretty good one, attacking the social conservatives in Wisconsin who are opposed to domestic partner benefits.

Granted I think the conservatives have a point that the Wisconsin Constitutional amendment banning gay marriage and "substantially similar" unions would make domestic partnerships unconstitutional. But if they win that argument, the conservatives will likely have the entire amendment gutted because of a legal challenge arguing that the current amendment is invalid.

According to our constitution, amendment to the constitution are only supposed to address one particular issue. If a court agrees that this constitutional amendment in fact bans gay marriages and domestic partnerships, than it also must agree that amendment addressing two distinct issues and is itself unconstitutional.

To make a long story short(too late), folks opposed to domestic partner benefits are small-minded bigots whose intolerance is unamerican, and whose children and grandchildren will be forever ashamed of their actions.

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