Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Icy Madison Roads

Wisconsin State Senator Glenn Grothman is putting together a bill that would put the state government in charge of plowing and de-icying Madison's roads. The bill comes in response to the city's inability to get the roads clear after a massive storm dumped over 15 inches of snow in the capital region. Freezing temperatures ensued and through a series of poor decision by city officials, the major arteries in Madison remained nearly impassible for several days after the storm.

Grothman blamed the liberals in the city whose constituency is made up of "people who walk to their job at the co-op." Obviously, Grothman has a sense of humor about the topic which is good, because his proposal is a joke.

Not only does this bill by a Republican have almost no chance of passing both democrat-controlled houses in Maidson, but I doubt the state would do a better job of getting the streets cleared. It was only last winter when incompetence by the state Department of Transportation left hundreds of motorist stranded on I-90 after a snowstorm.

The city made mistakes handling the storm, and amazingly has admitted to those mistakes and put in place in policies to reform those mistakes. Grothman's bill is mostly blusterous hot air.

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