Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Recent Cartoons

Here are some recent editorial cartoons.

Obama is not worried about Asian Carp destroying the great lakes habitat.
Traffic deaths are the lowest since the government rationed gas in 1944 during WWII. 545 people died on Wisconsin last year. That's down from the highs in the 1970s when over 10,000 people on Wisconsin roads yearly. The numbers are even more dramatic when you consider that today there are over 5.6 million people in Wisconsin. There were only 4.4 million Wisconsin residents in the 1970s and fewer than 3.1 million Cheeseheads in 1944. Keep these stats in mind the next time somebody tries to reminisce about the good old days before car seats and seat belts and everything turned out alright.
Gubernatorial candidate Mark Neumann has thrown out some unlikely proposition of imposing term limit on all of the Wisconsin's elected officials. It's just a ploy to get attention for himself. Even if he were elected governor, he would have no power to impose term limits on the State lawmakers. Only lawmakers have the authority to put themselves out a job. And that's real likely to happen.

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Anonymous said...

If your ideas don't matter, then by all means give the voters a pass on thinking and limit your time in office - obviously we don't need you!

If the voters don't care, then they will never hold you to your own words, and that includes Fiengolds two-term self-imposed limit.