Monday, March 8, 2010

Blog updates

I haven't been updating this blog, because I've been working a blog for the Wisconsin State Journal. Go get out the blog at From now on I'll try to post updates on this blog as well.

Here is today's entry:

It’s been fun drawing cartoons about Jeff Wood. Wood is a state lawmaker from Chippewa Falls who thinks it’s OK to drive around town when you're three sheets to the wind or hopped up on pain pills and cough syrup. This is the third cartoon I’ve drawn about him, and I think the meanest (I’ve linked those other cartoons to the blog).

The cartoon is mean because I feel betrayed by Jeff Wood.

I saw an interview with Wood several weeks ago on TV and actually started to feel sorry for the guy. He fessed up to his mistakes and was in the process of confronting his demons. He had publicly said he would not be running for reelection and entered treatment.

That was several weeks ago.

Now, Wood is fighting for his job, and is hinting that he might run again (Wood said his constituents support him and he believes he can be "an example of how you overcome your obstacles rather than let them defeat you."). He is even fighting two of his three DUI charges, saying that it's not his fault because he can't remember the incidents.

The man who at one time was taking responsiblity for his actions, now is trying to deflect the blame and play the vicitm with an eye toward the fall election.

I don’t know how Jeff Wood’s struggle with addiction is going (and for his sake, I hope it’s going well) but as a politician he’s definitely relapsed.

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