Friday, April 11, 2008

Government Priorities.

Every once in a while a cartoon writes itself. I haven't posted of these until now, but I've started drawing about one editorial cartoon a week for the Tampa Tribune, in Florida.

Like just about every other state in the nation, Florida is having problems balancing their state budget. Unlike other state Florida seems more willing to make cuts in social services programs like prenatal care, for poor expecting mothers.

At the same time they plan on making these draconian cuts, there is another bill working its way through the legislature, that would require women who want an abortion (many of them the poor women who need the state supported prenatal care) to have an ultra-sound before they can exercise their right to choose.

Talk about screwed up priorities.

Hence this cartoon:

And the sketch:

On another note, Florida has one of the ugliest state capitol buildings I've ever seen. Apparently, there is a historic undersized capitol that was built in the 1850s or 60s and a monstrosity behind it, built in the 1970's after the state's population had ballooned.

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