Friday, April 11, 2008

Really Wild Turkeys

Here is the cartoon from Sunday's Wisconsin State Journal. There is a gang of Wild Turkeys attacking mail carriers in Madison. This is another cartoon that sort of wrote itself.

On a simple cartoon like this, it is sort of fun to push the visual action as much as possible. I personally am quite proud of the way I was able to make the mail carrier is this cartoon come alive, as he hammers the wanted poster onto the wall.

I am worried however, that maybe the action is a little distracting from the message of the cartoon. Then again this cartoon isn't making some sort of earth shattering point about government or society. Rather, I've just taken a news item and humorized it in an attempt to give readers something they can relate to, and above all else something that is fun to look at. And this cartoon, in my honest opinion, is very easy on the eyes.

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