Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Just a couple of years after they were taken off the endangered species list, gray or timber wolves might soon get their own hunting season.

I guess the wolves have bounced back nicely since Wisconsin hunters almost drove them to extinction in the 1950s and 60s, but I'm still not sold that hunting wolves is a good idea. Supposedly there have been some reports of wolves attacking livestock and domesticated dogs in Northern Wisconsin, and people need to hunt wolves to defend their animals. But I have sneaking suspicion that the folks advocating for a wolf hunt, are really deer hunters who are worried about being able to bag that buck this fall.

I constantly hear the argument that deer hunting here is Wisconsin is not only a tradition, but good wildlife management. If hunters didn't "harvest the herd," deer would destroy the forest undergrowth, cause an ever-increasing number of traffic accidents, and eventual starve from a shortage of food. So to prevent all of these atrocities, it has been our duty, come November, to pump bambi full of lead.

The deer population is out of control becasuse they don't have any natural predators. That at least was the case until the wolves bounced back. Wolves eat deer, a lot of deer. If there are enough wolves to kill and eat deer, we might no longer need to kill deer to keep them from starving.

Wolves are a danger to Wisconsin's hunting culture, and therefore a threat to everything that is good and sacred in this state. So do your duty this wolf season. Huff and puff and blow the wolves away.

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Anonymous said...

Eat Venison, 10,000 wolves can't be wrong!