Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Obama comes to Tampa

Obama held a rally in Tampa on Wednesday, as part of his first visit to the Bay area since Florida's mock primary in February. Apparently, it was quite the event which is no surprise.

I went to an Obama rally here in Madison back in February, and the man is an incredible speaker and an incredible presence. I can't remember much of what he said, and I'm not sure he said much of anything in terms of laying out policy, but it was nonetheless a memorable experience.

I haven't read all the reports on the rally yet, but I doubt this one in Tampa will be much different than the one in Madison, with the exception that now he is the presumptive nominee, and the weather was better.

The lack of substance aside, Obama is actually starting to grow on me. He seems to have a more realistic approach to dealing with our enemies in the Middle East than hard line Republicans. McCain, who I've always liked and respected, unfortunately seems to be falling into the latter category.

While I understand McCain needs to appeal to his party's base, every appeasement to the social conservatives and foreign policy radicals drives me closer into Obama's outstretched arms.

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