Monday, June 2, 2008

Weekend Cartoons

I had a couple of cartoons appear on Sunday opinion pages this week. This cartoon about $4 gas and suburban isolation ran in the Tampa Trib on Sunday.

I really like this cartoon. I drew it from a different angle, and really challenged myself. The composition is really interesting, but might be a little too busy and confusing for some readers.

In terms of the message, I really like how I portrayed the isolation caused by urban sprawl, and how foolish it was to build the American dream on the assumption that gas will forever remain cheap.

This cartoon ran in the Wisconsin State Journal on Sunday:

This was the second time I got to draw a closeup of a hand for the State Journal this week. (See Mosquito cartoon). I think after 10 years of struggling, I've finally figured out how to expressively depict the human hand.

Wisconsin's Supreme Court is such a mess. Ziegler, who repeated violated the ethics code, was elected to the Supreme Court nonetheless. Now, she's being reprimanded by the Court. It is the first time the Wisconsin Supreme Court has punished one of its own, but the reprimand is a little more than slap on the wrist.

Ziegler should have been suspended, if not removed from the court for her baffling inability to recuse herself from cases involving a West Bend Bank where her husband served on the Board, and earned tens of thousands dollars a year doing so.

From my understanding any judge would have ruled in favor of the bank in the cases in question, but the outcome is unimportant, the fact that Ziegler didn't recognize the conflict of interest is the real problem.

In deciding to rule on the cases, Ziegler proved that she lacks THE essential skill that one needs to serve on the Wisconsin Supreme Court; Good judgement.

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